Fără prea multe comentarii, o să vă arăt mai jos ultimul playlist pe care îl ascult când sunt pe drum. Habar n-am câţi sunt cei cărora le place genul ăsta de muzică da’ mie îmi place, mai ales atunci când am doar drumul şi orizontul în faţă.

Titlurile sunt aici:

  1. Two Steps From Hell – SkyWorld
  2. Two Steps From Hell – Flight of the Silverbird
  3. Liquid Cinema – Into The Sun
  4. Ziu x Nyanara – Unforgettable
  5. Two Steps From Hell – Never Back Down
  6. Epic Score – Liberators
  7. Two Steps From Hell – Star Sky
  8. Gothic Storm – Look To The Stars
  9. Gothic Storm – Our Only Hope
  10. Mattia Turzo – Young Pirate
  11. Leon Lieffijn – Choices
  12. Thomas Bergersen – Children of the Sun
  13. Two Steps From Hell – Victory
  14. Gothic Storm – Anti Hero
  15. Two Steps From Hell – Cannon in D Minor
  16. Songs To Your Eyes – Rapture
  17. Alliance – The Speed Of Light
  18. Really Slow Motion – Neutral Assault
  19. Really Slow Motion – Galactic Dust
  20. Ezietto – Stars & Warriors
  21. Matthew L Fisher – Rise Above
  22. Epic Soul Factory – Sigma
  23. Gothic Storm – Look To The Stars
  24. Two Steps From Hell – Release Me
  25. Two Steps From Hell – None Shall Live
  26. Mark Lenover – Medusa’s Hair
  27. Mark Lenover – The Girl in the Window
  28. Mark Lenover – Wagon Red

Clipul e mai jos.


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